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Rockschools: The first ever school of its kind for aspiring rock musicians, founded in 1990, Rockschools offers weekly musical training throughout Northamptonshire and the surrounding counties for 6-18 year olds who want to learn an instrument and be in a band.

We teach electric guitar, drums, acoustic guitar, keyboards, electric bass, piano and vocals .

Students have the opportunity to learn about sound and lighting technologies, record their music and play in front of an audience.

No experience necessary – just a desire to have fun and enjoy making music.

Expert, professional Rockschools teachers boost confidence and self-esteem, encouraging initiative and individuality in a safe, friendly and supportive musical environment.

Students are carefully allocated to Rockschools bands to ensure that both individual and group musical potential are fully realised.

Our students love it; they keep coming back. We asked them why? Here’s what some of them said.

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Rockschools is the trading name of Towcester Rock School Ltd.

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