What is Rockschools?

Founded in 1990, Rockschools was set up by David Taylor to encourage young musicians to gain the social and technical skills and confidence required to play in a rock band.

The first ever of its kind, Rockschools offers aspiring rock musicians a groundbreaking training opportunity based on an inspirational and innovative philosophy rarely seen in an educational setting.

“We have been thrilled with the success of Rockschools. There is no doubt that Rockschools is fun, but it is our ultimate aim that students are inspired to create music and develop confidence in their abilities. Over the years we have seen those who are shy emerge into budding stars, and individuals forge friendships that have lasted years.” – David Taylor, founder of Rockschools.

Based in Towcester and Brackley, South Nothamptonshire and serving surounding counties of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire and Bedfordshire, Rockschools offers individual instrumental tuition in electric guitar, drums, acoustic guitar, keyboards, electric bass, piano and vocals plus the opportunity to form a band and play gigs and concerts.

Rockschools operates after school, in the evening and at weekends during termtime. Students develop their instrumental and vocal skills, learn about stage lighting effects and study the basics of sound engineering. Marketing and music promotion techniques are also taught. All students participate in an inspirational end-of-term performance in front of a large audience.

Experienced, professional teachers encourage students to set their own goals and to work on their own initiative in a relaxed and friendly student-centred environment.

Rockschools bands gain further experience from invitations to appear at local clubs and outside venues. Bands created through Rockschools have twice won awards at the National Festival of Music for Youth, and annually perform at the National Rock and Pop Festival held at the NEC.

Rockschools is the trading name of Towcester Rock School Ltd.

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