December Newsletter

We are now at the end of term and all ready for our Rockschool Christmas Concert on Saturday 9 December at Nicholas Hawksmoor School from 4.00 -6.00pm. Tickets will be available on the door at £5 for adults and all children under 18 will be free.

Bands and acts taking part will include:

· Black Light

· Cohension

· Encryption

· Epicentre

· Gallivants

· George & Maddy

· Hannah – solo

· Isabelle & Emeric

· Josh – solo

· Luxor

· Marshall

· Narga

· Red Eyed Viper

· Sugar Rush

· TRS Junior Band

· Undefined

· Vessel

The running order will be shown in the programme.

Refreshments will be available in the lobby and there will be tiered seating in the Hall.

All bands are welcome to come to Rockschool from 12.30pm to practice, giving those who usually come for 3.00pm a full session before the concert starts. If you have any queries please call Ros on 07738 974220 or email

Well done to all our bands and acts who took part in Brackley Rotary Club Young Musician competition last Saturday. We have several bands, ensembles and soloists who will now be playing at the semi-final in March. Our congratulations particularly to Alanna Fisher who was awarded Brackley Young Musician of the Year for her guitar solo.

We wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you again at the start of our Spring Term on Saturday 6 January.

David Taylor

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