“Every week, we say thank goodness for Rockschools!!”


“As a parent, I’ve loved seeing the friendships forged at Rockschools and the great sense of energy and creativity.”


“…he enjoys the freedom allowed – the chance to jam and discover new skills. He’s met some great friends and role models.”

Breathe Deep

“Rockschools is a wonderful opportunity for kids to express themselves, meet new people and forge great friendships.”

Don’t Forget Your Earplugs

“As a parent, I’m always moved by the careful nurturing of so many talented young people. Watching them perform is exhilarating.”

“Learning to play an instrument or sing is just a small part of Rockschools, as there are so many ways to enjoy yourself and discover hidden talents and abilities.”

Ice Cold Jalapenos

“For the past 6 years, my son has been a pupil of David Taylor and Towcester Rockschools during which time we have seen steady, sustained progress in his musicianship and confidence on stage.”


“I would have no hesitation in recommending both David Taylor for his one to one teaching and also Towcester Rockschool for the wealth of performance experience.

Red Dragons

“I have no doubt that received from David Taylor and Rockschools staff, as well as support from older students during his early years (older students are always encouraged to help younger learners) has played a major roll in him becoming a confident and competent musician.”

Zach and Ollie

“Harrison joined Rockschools as a tentative kid and has grown into a confident and creative musician.

Great people, great atmosphere and one of the best opportunities for kids to discover their talent and confidence.

Harrison is now studying for a degree in music at the Academy of Contemporary Music and we have a lot to thank Rockschools for.”

Rockschools is the trading name of Towcester Rock School Ltd.

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